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Video edits on auto-pilot, using content you have or a la carte interviews.

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  • 2 videos per month
  • Discounted interviews and clips
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A robust content drip for your website and social media feeds.

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  • 2 interviews per month
  • 8 videos per month
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4 videos total
1 customer, 4 videos
SRT caption files
Full text interview transcripts
Bonus videos
20 videos total
6 customers, 3 videos each
SRT caption files
Full text interview transcripts
2 Customer bonus videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to remotely produce my videos?

From customer opt-in to final video delivery, expect a timeline of 10 to 21 days.
Your customer will sign up for an interview, and then will receive recording supplies in about 3 business days.

Once the interview is complete, we'll extract the best soundbites and deliver storyline rough cuts of your videos within one week. You share feedback, and we'll design and animate within a week from your approval.

How do the interview and video credits work in the monthly plan?

Credits rollover as long as you're subscribed, and can be used, up to a quarter's worth, upfront.

This means if you buy the Essentials Plan, you have access to 3 interviews and 12 videos immediately.

You can choose to have your videos on auto ship, meaning we'll deliver content every month on your plan schedule, or you can choose videos on demand, where they'll rollover until you tell us what videos you'd like us to edit.

How is the video quality?

Pretty darn good.

We capture footage in 4k or 1080, directly from your customers' smart phones - exact resolution depends on their phone model, but about 70% of what we capture is in 4k.

We also send every interviewee a "video selfie kit" that includes a tripod, LED light, microphone, and more - they're easy to set up, and improve video and audio quality big-time.

Videos are professionally edited, branded, and animated.

Check out our example videos to see what you can expect.

Is a live person actually interviewing our customers?


We believe a live interview is critical for capturing specific stories, meaningful insights, and authentic content.

Each interview runs 15-30 minutes, and from that footage, we can get

We talk to every customer, leading them through a face-to-face remote interview where we ask follow-up questions, dig for more information, and elicit candid and engaging responses.

We also provide a page on what to expect in your remote interview, an interview prep e-guide and live support and coaching during the interview.

What does an interviewee need to do? I don't want to put a burden on them.

We know you want to make life easy for anyone who agrees to participate. We designed our process with this in mind, making it super fast and painless for participants.

The total time commitment is no more than 45 minutes.

To opt-in, they will spend 2-3 minutes confirming their details and s-signing a release to agree to appear on your videos. Then they'll pick a time slot for the interview. Come interview time, they'll download our app, we'll help them set up, coach them on framing and Iighting, and complete the interview.

We provide a return label and can even set up a package pickup to ship back the supplies.

What kind of phone does my customer need to have?

We recommend an iPhone 8 or newer, but we can also work with Android devices and other smartphones purchased in the last three years - Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, or Google Pixel.

Can you  edit footage we already have into videos?

Yes! We can intake your existing footage, extract the best soundbites, and repurpose the clips.

Tell us what you have and we can help you decide how to use it.

Can you add b-roll to the videos?

Yes! We do not film or select b-roll, but we do incorporate it in to your videos, depending on your plan.

We can make recommendations on what to provide us, including previously filmed b-roll footage you own, screen shots and screen recordings of your product, photos of your product and people, and stock footage from our preferred sites. If you choose footage from our preferred sites, the cost is included.

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