Get targeted customer stories and reference matches for any deal in your pipeline, instantly.

Forget Slack channels full of case study and reference match requests 👋. With Laudable, reps can create and send relevant customer proof and the reference matches for any deal, in seconds.

End the sales and marketing disconnect

Sound familiar?

With Laudable:

Constant slack pings requesting specific fit stories and references

Sales self-serves to find and send proof on any deal

Days searching Salesforce, Slack, Gong to match references

Reference matches for specific criteria instantly

Sales always asking for more case studies

Real-time data on what sales really needs

Can’t track reference progress or impact

Visibility on the impact of case studies and references

Connect your content and data, fast

Quickly and easily with no tagging or reformatting needed. And we’re SOC2 compliant.

Make testimonials standard
Easy video production for you and your customers

Ask for proof and references on any deal, in Slack

Save marketing and CSMs from having to chase down case study and reference requests. Give sellers what they need, when and where they need it.

Get back prospect-specific customer proof and references

Laudable delivers customer matches—even for the most specific criteria—along with talking points. We use your Gong or Chorus call recordings, Salesforce, NPS, and some magic to pull the most relevant proof and contacts.

Remotely filmed and produced
Easy video production for you and your customers

Send prospects the most relevant proof and quotes

Laudable instantly generates a sales talk track and landing page to give prospects bite-sized doses of customer proof (with links to read more) and let them start a reference workflow.

Get data and analytics on what’s working

Real-time data on what sales is using, any content coverage gaps, and what’s working to influence deals.

Remotely filmed and produced