We bring your customer stories to life on video

Laudable makes it easy for your sales and marketing teams to leverage a fresh stream of customer testimonial videos in sales emails, marketing campaigns, landing pages, and more.
Laudable helps B2B organizations find happy customers, capture their stories on video, and then repurpose the heck out of that content across sales and marketing activities.

Videos made with Laudable

We auto-find your happy customers

Connecting your existing data sources - Gong, NPS, G2, Capterra - and we'll identify happy customers at their moments of delight. You get a pipeline of testimonial-eligible customers to choose from.

Make testimonials standard
Easy video production for you and your customers

We manage the customer sign-up and interview process

During onboarding, we review your messaging priorities and create your custom interview guide. Our interview pros coach your customers through the interview and help extract the best soundbites. Here's what subjects have to say about the process.

Remotely produced high quality video (up to 4k)

Interviews are conducted remotely. We'll mail interviewees recording supplies to improve the quality, and record using our app, which records up to 4k footage.

Remotely filmed and produced
Cost efficient video production service

Repurpose content for marketing, sales, and more

A single customer interview can produce 15 or more soundbites for your team to leverage when sending emails,  in marketing campaigns, or in a board deck.

Share and use videos everywhere

Your clips are ready-to-use for lead generation (70% of marketers say video is the most effective way to convert qualified leads), sales conversion, ABM, and more. You can use a Laudable share link to publish or download and upload to the channels of your choice.

Videos made for social, web, and email

Why our customers love us

Customer testimonial video featuring Betsy
“It's a no brainer to get every customer on video with Laudable.”
Betsy Harbison
Director of Marketing
Catherine Mclean Dylan Green
“We saw a 55% increase in traffic from SEO”
Catherine McLean
Founder and CEO

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