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Use Laudable to

Find hundreds of happy customer moments hiding in your call recordings

Get on-demand customer proof and quotes for any deal

Create holy sh*t moment videos to boost demand gen performance

Build competitive landing pages

Get loads of customer testimonials in a specific industry, fast

Repurpose customer content like case study interviews

Find happy customer moments in reviews and call recordings

Repurpose existing customer content

Produce branded video testimonials

Build competitive landing pages

Generate customer testimonials for paid ads

Create customer proof audiograms for social media

Two ways to use Laudable to capture stories.

Connect Gong / Chorus / call recorder to uncover hidden customer stories and advocates. And/or have us edit your customer footage into high impact videos.

Auto Stories Software

Unlock hundreds of customer stories and testimonials

Laudable connects to Gong, Chorus, or your call recorder to find and generate testimonials and case studies from the data you already have.

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Video Editing Services

Get branded video testimonials done by a pro

Laudable will edit your customer footage and deliver professionally edited, branded, and designed videos.

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