Laudable customers
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See how real customer and content marketers like you are telling amazing customer stories and winning with Laudable.

“There aren’t many platforms out there that enable a B2B company to be human and super authentic. Laudable is one of those companies.”

Simon Pickerill
Content Marketing Manager

“For marketing teams with a lot to do, but not a lot of people to do it, Laudable is a great service for quickly creating powerful customer testimonial videos.”

Kevin Franks
Director, Content Marketing

“The platform and the simplicity of the program together take away how daunting customer testimonials can be.”

Mariangeles Chinelatto
Senior Marketing Manager

“Laudable can produce a finished video in a much shorter timeframe than we could; with Laudable, we were able to complete around 8 videos in 6 months!”

Aimee Jud
Marketing Manager

“Laudable makes it possible to be in two places at once, talking to our customer to get great feedback and then creating amazing video content for us to share.”

Hannah Friedman
Marketing Content Manager

“The value of the customer video assets exceeds our investment ROI”

Chris Lu

Avoma activated 4 new customer champions in 48 hours using Laudable’s happy customer pipeline and integrations

Laudable sourced a dozen potential Avoma champions for us, 4 of which signed up for recorded interviews same-day.

Steven Dunston

VP of Marketing

Oyster sales team jumps on Laudable customer case studies immediately

Within a week of creating new customer stories, our sales team already has their outbound nurture campaigns updated to leverage the juicy bits. They can just grab what they need and run with it.

Simon Pickerill

Content Marketing Manager

Hubilo launched a customer engagement campaign with video at the center

Laudable has made getting video case studies easy to do. I love that they handle all the details from beginning to end.

Liesl Leary-Perez

VP Corporate Marketing

Sendoso saved 6+ hours a week by using Laudable customer video inside HighSpot

The process was very seamless and Laudable walked me through every step of the way.

Britanny Klokkenga

Former Content Marketing Manager

Figure turns a single interview into 6+ assets

I’ve used the videos on the website, in emails, newsletters, social posts, radio spots and paid ads. Kind of everywhere! Any type of marketing effort or campaign that we want to run.

Hannah Lemley

Marketing Content Manager

Laudable helps cut copywriting time in half at Oyster

Before Laudable, I would interview someone for an hour, but then it would take me three or 4 hours to transcribe it which Laudable does automatically.

Simon Pickerill

Content Marketing Manager

Laudable saves CommandBar 6+ hours a week in customer outreach

Not using Laudable is like letting the precious fruit of customer love wither on the vine.

James Evans

Founder & CEO