Unlock hundreds of customer stories hiding in your call recordings

Laudable unlocks customer testimonials and advocates—from the data and content you already have—to turn your customers into raving fans.


A weekly drip customer moments on auto-pilot

No more Friday nights binge listening to Gong on 2x speed. Laudable gives you instant access to the best customer moments.

Make testimonials standard
Easy video production for you and your customers


With recommended actions to drive ROI

You’ll get recommended actions, tailored to your growth priorities, for each moment. Grow your advocacy program, increase G2 reviews, create more customer video, increase referrals, and more.


Request and manage approvals

Get fast and easy approval to use customer quotes - in video, audio, or text - using our flexible permission options and templates.

Remotely filmed and produced
Easy video production for you and your customers


Infuse customer proof everywhere

Laudable lets your GTM teams to drop customer voice snippets as supporting evidence throughout sales and marketing activities.

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