PandaDoc decreases time to signature by embedding video testimonial in proposal

PandaDoc noticed prospective customers were slow to sign proposals and they wanted to minimize the linger time. So they tried embedding a testimonial page, featuring a customer video, into the proposal (obviously created in PandaDoc). The hypothesis was that this would validate the prospective customer’s decision to sign with PandaDoc and squash any last minute “let me just search around for a while longer for another solution.” The result? Faster time to signature, more time spent in the proposal document, and (bonus!) greater buy-in from additional stakeholders.


  1. Incorporate social proof at every step of the buying journey, even when you fire off the proposal and think it’s a done deal.
  2. Think beyond your champion. The proposal stage is often when other stakeholders get involved - legal, higher ups, finance…. So be deliberate in including content that helps these contacts quickly buy-in to what you’re selling

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