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[VIDEO] We Review FranchiseHelp's Customer Testimonial Video

December 22, 2020

B2B video reviews, on a weekly basis. Laudable's video strategist Ryan Quindlen breaks down corporate video content so you can steal the best strategies to drive leads, increase sales conversions, and show off the humans you call customers.

This edition: FranchiseHelp

Looking to add a little spice to your video testimonials this holiday season?

Hello yes it’s Ryan from Laudable here to show you how to get your dream content all wrapped up.

Today I’m focusing on a FranchiseHelp testimonial with 4 enthusiastic clients.  The energy is great, the people are credible, and the talking points are on point.  This is just a great video overall. But today we're going to talk about how it could be even better. Let's dive right in. Watch this intro with me.

Does this scream Law and Order? Anybody else? These are their stories. Just thought that was funny.

How about the music?  I feel like I’m entering the matrix.  Good rule of thumb for testimonials - the more of the customer is going to be on camera, the more live instruments you should use.  The more data, numbers, etc?  Try going electronic.  

Speaking of audio - lets talk sound quality.  We get a whole RANGE of mic setups throughout this video.  Some on headsets, some speaking into their computer.  Here’s an awesome soundbite that is almost lost due to audio quality.  Check this out.

That's as good as the soundbite is you're gonna get in one of these video testimonials, great visual imagery, and it's almost lost because we can barely hear him. Okay? Same thing with staging. We want to make sure that everyone has their device at eye length, consistency is key.  Avoid distracting or dark backgrounds and make sure the subject has enough lighting to show their face. Well, okay, we want to kind of avoid the situation that we have here.

Let’s talk quick cuts: I’m all for quick cuts but these are quick!  Nicole can’t seem to get a word in and she might be the bubbliest one.  Let’s play her clips back to back and see how much of her we actually get.  And she’s gone.  Let’s try again.  That’s it!  Usually we want to include a little bit more before we switch to another person.  That’s great, it is her job, but we do interrupt her in the middle of the sentence. So going forward, it's always best to just leave them a little extra room and not to sacrifice content just to shave a couple extra seconds off the end of the video. 

A quick note on lower thirds too - you only need them the first time the person is introduced, especially if you’ll only be using quick clips of them later on, a good thing to note.

How do we bring it home?  With some awesome, grateful quotes at the end.  This video does a great job of bringing everyone together for one central message at the end, and pairs it with an animated logo. Check it out.

That's great. And we're always a huge fan of getting people to say similar things and cutting them all together at the very end to give you that final consistent message. Okay, overall and awesome video that captures the truly emotional connection that franchise helps customers have with the brand. 

Okay, next time with a little movie magic, we could make something even more special. 

Okay, until next time.


Laudable is on the hunt for new customer testimonial videos to review. Want our feedback on a piece of content? Send it to us at

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January 19, 2023

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