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[VIDEO] We Review DocuSign's Off-Script 60 Second Testimonial Video

January 5, 2021

B2B video reviews, on a weekly basis. Laudable's video strategist Ryan Quindlen breaks down corporate video content so you can steal the best strategies to drive leads, increase sales conversions, and show off the humans you call customers.

This edition: DocuSign

Read the full blog post where we break down this video in even more detail and give you ideas for how to borrow best practices.


How do you pack testimonial, photography, food, and invoices into one 60 second video?  DocuSign figured it out.

Hey hello yes it’s Ryan from Laudable.  

How can you make an exciting customer testimonial video like this?  Step 1, you need a credible source. And not just credible, IN-credible.The customer, Clay Williams, is the heart and soul of this upbeat and authentic video customer testimonial. We jump around from interview footage to shots of Clay in the middle of the action - taking awesome food shots for a restaurant.  

They’re showing us, instead of telling us, that on his busiest days, Clay needs a service that provides speed, flexibility and ease.Why does this work?  They ditched the talking points.

Put your hands up and back away from the script.  Instead, try a great list of questions that will get the customer talking about what they know best: their business.Like any good testimonial, this video also addresses common objections.They know not everybody wants to worry about this stuff.  

One quote really drives home what DocuSign means to Clay: “No one gets into photography because they like contracts. DocuSign helps me take care of the business side much faster.”  The value here is clear: You work on your dream, DocuSign will handle the paperwork.

DocuSign does a great job of resisting the urge to make it all about them. This is all about the person, the person, the person. Clay, Clay, Clay.  DocuSign’s technology provides a necessary solution for a one-man business to thrive. They make sure it’s all about the artist. DocuSign is the Robin to Clay Williams’ creative Batman, if you will.

Overall, these elements come together to create one of the best testimonial videos of the year.  

Are you feeling protective of your talking points?  Or did you ditch the script long ago? Oh, and let me know if this video made you hungry.  It sure did for me….


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February 14, 2024

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