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[VIDEO] How to showcase a customer story on LinkedIn

October 7, 2021


Ryan from Laudable reviews how Sendoso featured the creativity of their customer, CRM Next. Kris Sendoso's CEO, Kris Rudeegraap, links to the customer story page (that includes a Laudable video!) featuring James Gilbert, and a fun The Bachelor-themed campaign CRM Next ran using Sendoso.


Relationships- They're meant to last forever.

You put in the work, you nurture them, and you give gifts.

Your relationships with your vendors should really be the same, ideally. Although hopefully with less fighting over which Netflix show to watch.

Hello, yes it is Ryan from Laudable in the B2B world there's really no better gift giver than Sendoso. Sendoso is a mail gifting platform where you can send some pretty crazy gifts to your customers. Everything from bulldog onesies to bottles of tequila and cameo videos from Snoop Dogg - yes please!

They've got you covered. Being as brilliant as they are, Sendoso decided to come to Laudable to help them capture some awesome stories of their customer on video. But while the video was awesome, the way they used it was even better. Let's take a look!

This is a Linkedin post from the actual CEO of Sendoso shouting out their customer, James Gilbert and his company CRM Next. Not only do we get over 100 likes, but we've got a bunch of great interaction here in the comments and building social proof and employee engagement by calling out the people that actually worked on this campaign.

Clicking on this link will take you to their customer story page, which gives you the full case study on what they do with CRM Next, and if you scroll down you'll find our amazing little video right here, which is pretty fun. And so you know, You've got all the headlines. You've got the stats, the data, and then you have the content right here.It's really perfect. You know when trying to build this relationship with the customer it's so important to, you know, not only show them that you care about them but to also build social proof.

In the process, you know Sendoso champions its customers right. They make them know that they're superstars. You know so whether it's a dozen roses or say a video from Snoop Dogg, you're going to love the story right.

Sendoso captured that story and made the most of it. They championed their customers. I mean, look at all this right. This is a story. This is a lot, a lot, of content, and the campaign they did was actually super cool right. It was a Bachelorette spoof, the Banklorette, as they say. They found the one for them, which was Sendoso. That kind of creativity and championing of your customers. It really goes a long way. 

So before you find the one the vendor for you - you got to swoon them a little bit, you know you gotta wine them and dine them. Not just on your website and through email and in person but on your customer story page!

Video, Photos, Copy, Stats, come on - You know we're worth it!


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February 14, 2024

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