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[VIDEO] How To Humblebrag With Customer Testimonials

October 8, 2021

“My customers love me, so how do I use that to grow my business?”

You have an amazing product or service and the great testimonials come pouring in! The problem - how do you post about it without coming across as bragging or annoying to your audience?

Laudable CEO and founder met with Roy Bahat to discuss making the most of your customer reviews. 

Social proof is powerful - and needs to be amplified to help you grow. So when your customers love you and are actively saying it online, you want to leverage it on social channels. But it’s not easy! Because your testimonials of admiration can easily be seen as braggy or salesy.

TL;DR, there’s more you can do to leverage  your customers than just launching a logo wall on your website.. 

1.Think...where are your customers already talking about you?

Are your customers raving about your product on LinkedIn? Or do you find more love being shown on Facebook or Instagram? 

Or maybe your most loyal customers aren’t posting on social media much at all. Maybe they are praising your customer support for being so friendly and helpful!

Wherever they are, start there. Any place your customers are talking about you and giving positive feedback can be used to help move the needle in the right direction. You just need to find where it’s happening the most!

2.Consider ditching the long case studies

Ok - so you have loyal, die-hard customers. Ones that can’t live without your product.  And you know their story with your product or service will WOW others enough to buy. 

So the logical step would be creating and presented a well-designed PDF case study...right?

Maybe not. 

PDF case studies that are so common in the B2B space can take months to write, design, and execute. Which could end up wasting your team’s time and resources that could be spent on other tasks. 

What could be better you ask?

- Screenshots.

No, we’re not kidding. After you find out WHERE your customers are giving raving testimonials, capture it. Literally. Take a screenshot on your phone, open Loom...whatever is available to you. 

Because when you capture testimonials where they are happening in real-time, it creates authenticity for your brand that planned case studies cannot do. 

- Video Testimonials.

Video testimonials do what case studies cannot, and that’s showing genuine customer feelings toward your product or service. Sure, you can write how a customer said they felt, but nothing compares to bringing it to life on video!

There is one caveat to this - don’t go overboard. Laughing slow-mos and sappy music to pull on emotional strings are ingenuine and not necessary. Show authentic experiences, not what you think your ideal customer wants to see. 

3.Leverage organic reach

So now that you’ve captured it, it’s time to share it! 

But where? And how? 

Where will you get the most bang for your social proof?

When it comes to authentic customer reviews, social media’s organic reach is your best friend. Especially with B2B, the opportunities you have with organic LinkedIn content alone are phenomenal! 

Just think about it - in one FREE post, your reach can spread across cities, states, AND countries - which are likely those in your target audience! Consider how much that cost before social media was a thing.

That is your biggest advantage when sharing your social proof. 

4.Create a narrative

It’s not just what you post, but how you post it. 

And with your customer testimonials and positive remarks, there’s such a thing as trying too hard. Tell me if these sound familiar... 

“We are so humbled to receive _____” 

“Such a sweet message”

“It was such a pleasure to work with _____”

You mine as well just say, “These people love me, and I’m posting so you love me too!”

No one relates to that! The more natural and low-key your content feels, the more it will work in your favor. A way you can do that is by recreating the narrative of the customer’s experience in your post.

Were there problems? What did the customer overcome? How did this experience transform their life?

Be authentic and transparent you are when posting your customer stories, the bigger impact they will have on your business. 

February 14, 2024

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