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[VIDEO] We Break Down KFC's Lifetime Original Movie

January 5, 2021

Laudable's video strategist Ryan Quindlen breaks down corporate video content so you can steal the best strategies to drive leads, increase sales conversions, and show off the humans you call customers.

This edition: KFC, yes Kentucky Fried Chicken

Ah, Colonel Sanders.  Chicken icon, spice enthusiast…..soap opera star?

Hello yes it’s Ryan from Laudable.  Did you think Mario Lopez would be playing Colonel Sanders in a too-good-to-be-true Lifetime original movie?  

Yeah, me neither, but then again, it’s 2020.  

In this video, I’m going to talk about this crazy campaign, previous unexpected surprises from KFC, and what brand marketers can take away from this whole wacky experiment.

So, this past Sunday, KFC and the Lifetime channel teamed up for the fast food feature film event of the century - A Recipe for Seduction.  It grabbed the internet by storm, generating a ton of social media interest and even a few big articles like this one in The Atlantic.  This sent the KFC brand, and Mario Lopez, right up the trending charts.

In this spicy film, our favorite breaded icon starts working for a new family whose daughter ditches her fiance for spicy tender love with the new chef.  

Mario’s not the first to put a new spin on the Colonel (who was a very real, actual womanizer who left his first wife for his housekeeper but that’s ANOTHER VIDEO).

Other notable Colonels include Jim Gaffigan, Rob Riggle, Rob LOWE, Ray Liotta, Jason Alexander, and THE MOUNTAIN FROM GAME OF THRONES.

This isn’t KFC’s first attempt to both wow us and creep us out.  

Remember I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator?  No, only me?  I personally “lost” the game after trying on one of the Colonel’s white jackets.  Pshht, everyone knows the only way to his heart is through the chicken-focused dialogue options...

Anyway, this move shows that KFC isn’t afraid to take risks with their content.  The fast food space is more competitive than ever.  While their competitors play musical chairs to find a seat at the table, KFC is making weird noises from its own table in the back and nobody’s coming near.

So what can brand marketers take away from this tasty experiment?  Instead of trying to be everything for everyone, go niche, and go weird.  Push your brand to the limits, take risks. Whether it’s Dietz & Watson launching Dietz Nuts and a viral marketing campaign to match, or the country of Kazikhstan fully embracing the madness that is Borat.  Very Nice!

But how weird is too weird when taking risks with content?

Feel free to check out the 15-minute Lifetime original mini-movie that we’ve linked to here and let us know whether or not you think this soap opera will pay dividends for the Colonel.


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February 14, 2024

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