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Announcing Laudable's $2.95M Seed Round

October 7, 2021

It was a 🍌🍌🍌 summer.

We joined Y Combinator, brought on a CTO, and added 16 new customers.

And we can now share the news that we closed a $2.95M seed round from Greycroft, Craft Ventures, Y Combinator, and some amazing founders and CEOs.

How it Started

I (Angela) started Laudable to help B2B organizations bottle what customers are saying, and use that to grow.

Why? I was CMO at an energy tech startup and saw the power of social proof (“Susie likes this product. I’m like Susie, I should buy it too.”) But wow was it painful to leverage our customers.

It went something like this:

"Ok, so who should we feature?"
Let's weed through Salesforce data, ask sales and customer success, and pick, LIFO style, some recent customers. (3 months later, we have a seemingly willing candidate.)
"Ok, how do we showcase them?"
PDF case study? 😑
Sales reference? Yes, but let’s not over-use any one customer...
Video? Warmer, but so expensive and a project management Ironman.
"Now that we're sharing out their story. How do we measure the results of any content we create?"
"Well, sales says it’s useful...” 🤔

Laudable is out to fix that.

We started with a remote and easy way to get high quality customer testimonial videos. 

And there’s so much more to do to let companies find, engage, and show off happy customers at the right times.


You’re alerted when customers fill out a 10 on your NPS survey or post about you publicly, get suggestions on the topics they’d be excited to talk about, and can invite them to be featured in your customer spotlight series.

Then your GTM teams can automagically include what those customers are saying, in all the right places - your sales prospecting emails, board decks, product activation campaigns, and more - and measure the impact.

We’re bringing all of this and more to life.

Thank you

A few obligatory but incredibly sincere thank you’s to those who made this next chapter possible:

  • The Laudable team (and extended team). You all seriously rock.
  • The amazing set of founders and CEO investors who said “I’m in”, including: CEO & Founder of Pardot David Cummings (+ Atlanta Ventures), CEO & co-founder of Salesloft Kyle Porter, former CEO of Eloqua Joe Payne, former CEO of CEB Tom Manahan, Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta, CEO & Founder Ryan Neu, Data Robot CEO Dan Wright, GC of Okta Jon Runyan, former Okta CMO Ryan Carlson, Susa Ventures Co-founder Chad Byers, Atrium Co-founder Pete Kazanjy, The Creative Curve author Allen Gannett, founder of MapAnything John Stewart and former CPO Tom Divittorio, Warmly Co-founder Max Greenwald, ex-Facebook product manager Angela Santurbano, and a group of current YC founders who are finding time not only to run their own companies but lend a hand in ours.
  • The entire team at Y Combinator, including our group partners Gustaf, Harj, and Nicolas (+ Michael Seibel who doesn’t realize that I’m a lurking superfan.)
  • Every other investor, customer, friend, and acquaintance who gave us encouragement, criticism, feedback, or some nugget of inspiration.


Now, back to making something people want!

February 14, 2024

Generate tons of customer proof, using what customers already said.

Unlock the gold mine of customer proof hiding in your sales and customer success call recordings.
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