In addition to posting the videos, we suggest you get on the micro case study train!

In addition to posting the videos, we suggest you get on the micro case study train!

What's a micro case study?

It's like the Cliff Notes version of a traditional case study - short, sweet, and to the point. Add a comment with a link to the full story webpage, if you have one.

Examples 👉

We love Gong's approach.

They posted a micro case study narrative. Then their customer contact, a senior manager at HubSpot, even re-shared the post in her own words:

Gong on LinkedIn: REVENUE INTELLIGENCE CHAMPION When asked: "How are things going with

Gong’s micro case study post:

Kathleen Teichmeier (Moss) on LinkedIn: Measure the Immeasurable: Remove the Hypothetical and Increase Transparency

(And their customer posted it too!)

ZoomInfo shares a micro case study with a quantitative ROI metric in the headline, a customer quote, and the customer logo and picture. 🔥

Henry Schuck on LinkedIn: Come see it for yourself, or if you already are a ZoomInfo customer | 15 comments

💡 Tip: Follow ZoomInfo’s playbook to drive engagement by having your sales team share this micro case study post.
See reverse image search showing all the employees who posted this micro case study 👉

Formstack on LinkedIn: Kevin Eliminates Paper from His University's Workflows

Formstack posts a micro case study featuring their customer on video

HeadsUp on LinkedIn: #startupgrowth #productledgrowth #datadriven

HeadsUp created a short story in their Linkedin post, and linked to the case study with "Read all about it here" as a CTA. Several executives and employees share out their own versions of it.

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