The power of a video production crew in an app

Forget about fuzzy, pixelated Zoom recordings. We let you record remote interviews in 4k (that's 5x the quality of Zoom) and turn it into crystal clear video content.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What quality is the recording?

We capture up to 4k footage, as we record using your guest's mobile phone camera. Your footage will be slightly lower quality, dependent on your webcam.

Recordings also aren't dependent on internet connection quality, and won't lag or get out of sync if your internet starts to drag.

How will my guest join?

We have an iOS app for your guest to download and join. They don't need to create an account, they simply join with a session code you send them, or using the invite link you generate and send.

How will my guest prop up their phone?

If they have a tripod with a phone holder, that works super well. If not, no worries - they can simply prop up their phone on their computer or on another surface.

Does my guest have to upload the video recording after we're done?

Nope! This happens automatically from within our app. After you're done recording your video chat, the footage will start to upload automatically. Your guest can leave the video chat and open up other apps, and the video file will upload in the background over their WiFi.

What if my guest doesn't have an iPhone?

Currently, our app is available for iOS, but we'll be releasing an Android app soon!

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