She Turned Herself Into Taylor Swift's Clone, See How

Of course most people would love to look like their favorite stars, but this makeup artist turned herself into the singer's duplicate without surgery.

Celebrity Lookalike #Goals

It's no secret that we pore over photo after photo of celebrity fashions, hairstyles, and makeup looks so we can replicate them. The results are rarely very convincing. This makeup artist though, managed to do what so many of us can only hope to: she turned herself into Taylor Swift's doppelganger.

Meet the Artist

Meet the ArtistPONY Makeup ; Pony Makeup/YouTube

The face behind Pony Makeup, South Korean vlogger Park Hye Min, was able to turn herself into Taylor Swift's double. It's a relatively drastic transformation.

What It Took

What It TookGetty Images

In order to achieve the singer's sought-after style, Min utilized 24 pieces of makeup: a minimum of four eyebrow products, more than four eyeliners meant to draw attention to her creases, the signature red lipstick, fake eyelashes, and a wig to boot.

The Real Story

Though the video is only about six minutes long, it was sped up, and the actual process of Min transforming herself was a much longer ordeal than can be seen on screen.


FeedbackSplitShire /

The video, which was published on YouTube in March 2016, has garnered over 11 million hits, with over 144,000 likes. In fact, there were more than 400,000 views in just its first couple of days.

Beginning the Transformation

Beginning the TransformationGetty Images

Like any good makeup artist, Min begins her tutorial with foundation—nothing too difficult. It's when she moves onto the contour that you can see the shape of her face starting to morph into that of Swift's.

Brows, Brows, Brows

Brows, Brows, BrowsGetty Images

Unlike Swift's subtle blonde eyebrows, Min's are brown, but she managed to lighten and define her own with care during the video, to closer replicate Swift's.

Notoriously Red

Notoriously RedGetty Images

Min took her lips to new heights through definition, which she achieved using some of her foundation. She then used lipliner to achieve Swift's signature cupid's bow, which clearly worked.

All About the Details

All About the DetailsPony Makeup/YouTube

While Min could have opted to just replicate the makeup look and nothing else, which already would have been impressive, she was sure to incorporate details, including freckles, the stunning wig, and color contacts to get Swift's memorable blue.

The Video You've Been Waiting For

Okay, okay, so we've been talking it up, and here it is, finally, the video you have to see to believe. Watch Min's amazing metamorphosis into Taylor Swift.

Other Swift Lookalikes

Other Swift LookalikesGetty Images

Clearly, doppelgangers have yet to go out of style, at least as far as Taylor Swift is concerned. While some people, like Min, are gifted in the area of makeup and able to transform themselves into whichever celebrity they want, some just happen to be legitimate doppelgangers. Take a look.

Olivia Sturgiss

Olivia SturgissChannel Seven

Australian Olivia Sturgiss cut her hair similarly to Taylor's, yes. The rest of their similarities, she says, aren't manufactured, and people believe she's Swift even when she happens to be donning a more natural look.

Weirdest Coincidence

Weirdest CoincidenceGetty Images

We can only imagine how surreal it must be to know there are people in the world who look exactly like you, let alone to meet them. The absolute strangest part of Sturgiss' discovery though is that on top of everything, she has the same first name as one of Swift's highly publicized cats, Olivia Benson. Don't freak out, that picture up there is another one of the real Taylor.

Keitra Jane

Salt Lake City's Jane is no stranger to being mistaken for Swift, and it's clear to see why. The women look so similar to one another that people have even photographed her under the assumption that they'd just spotted Swift.

Shaking It Off Pays Off

The physical striking similarities between Jane and Swift actually landed Jane the starring role in an Alex Boye video in January 2016. Okay, again, this one is the real Taylor, sorry! We made you look though, right?

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