The Worst Home Makeover Disasters In TV History

There's no guiltier pleasure than a truly cringeworthy makeover.

Floral Combustion

Floral CombustionBuzzFeed

The first few years of the new millennium are known for...questionable style choices. As it turns out, that wasn't limited to clothing. If you were a "Trading Spaces" fan, you might remember this flower-coated bathroom. Fun fact: those walls are covered with more than 7,000 flowers. We can't imagine how much time it must have taken to remove the stapling.

Medieval Comeback?

Medieval Comeback?Curbed

Can we just talk about the fact that this "Color Splash" creation looks like a cross between medieval architecture and southwestern bedding (not to mention the horse in the corner)? We're still trying to figure out what the theme is here.

Kitchen Revenge

Kitchen RevengeCurbed

The sequel is almost always worse than the original. "Trading Spaces" proved the theory with this kitchen. Maybe horror movie buffs won't be too put off by this, but it's pretty safe to say most people don't want to be surrounded by blood and coffins when they're trying to enjoy a meal.

Beachside Living

Beachside LivingBuzzFeed

Remember that "Seinfeld" episode when Kramer had the idea for a beach-scented cologne, because who doesn't want to smell like the beach? "Trading Spaces" took that one step further and thought, who doesn't want to live at the beach? In case you're wondering, that's real sand down there.

Modern Con-Fusion

Modern Con-FusionCurbed

We're not entirely sure how this "Design Star" room is supposed to work, or where people are supposed to sit when the only cushions are on the wall. Apparently it's meant to be a discotheque of sorts?

Beach Suburbia?

Beach Suburbia?Curbed

Looks like "Trading Spaces" wasn't the only show to try and bring sand to the suburbs. Then again, maybe this room is trying to channel an abandoned warehouse (note the creepy owl in the corner), and are those waves behind the bench? Mountains? We're still trying to figure out what purpose the pile next to the pot-less plant is supposed to serve.

No, No, Definitely Not

No, No, Definitely NotCurbed

You know the saying, "Less is more?" Well, "Color Splash" definitely should have heeded that warning here. Besides, there anything less sexy than using "sexy" and "adorable" in the same sentence on HGTV?

Topsy Turvy

Topsy TurvyBuzzFeed

We'd like to know how many times the owners came home and thought they were robbed, only to remember their furniture is attached to the ceiling. What, you mean you don't want to walk around worrying that a table might fall on you? Hopefully "Trading Spaces" remembered to lock that furniture in.

The "Neigh"bors Probably Had a Good Laugh

The "Neigh"bors Probably Had a Good LaughCurbed

You probably thought we were done with "Trading Spaces" too. No list of home makeover nightmares would be complete without a tribute to this hay-filled room fit for a horse.

Must Be Knicks Supporters

Must Be Knicks SupportersCurbed

Orange you glad that you never put your home on "Move This House"? To an outsider, this house looks like it belongs to a Knicks superfan or someone trying to hold onto their college days.

Block This Room Off, Please

Block This Room Off, PleaseCurbed

The chunky highlight trend is one that claimed too many innocents in the early 2000s, and it looks like chunky patterns plagued walls too, as seen in this room. In case you didn't know, this Campbell's Soup-colored room was another "Trading Spaces" misstep.

Is Wood Fusion a Thing?

Is Wood Fusion a Thing?Curbed

"The Antonio Treatment" is responsible for this creation. At least the windows on the back wall look pretty symmetrical? Maybe in the future, hot pink shouldn't be paired with blue, nor coupled with tan and burgundy. Just a thought.

So Close

So CloseBuzzFeed

Now, to be fair, most of us have plastered our walls with posters at some point or another. There's a reason you think long and hard about a tattoo before getting one, you might not like the same things at one age that you did at another. Clearly though, "Trading Spaces" pushes boundaries, which could explain why one of their designers gave a family this mural of herself. The rest of the room looks pretty standard though?

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the JungleTLC

Maybe the owners of this bedroom were looking for some sort of lush oasis. That could explain it, right? After all, the best way to channel your inner ape (wo)man is to sleep under invasive potted plants, in a zebra-printed room, with a random poll in the corner.

A Painful Rainbow

A Painful RainbowHGTV

What do you get when you take a shag carpet, crazy swirly patterns, a giant mustard-colored couch, and some random (hopefully family friendly?) purple...container in the corner? The 1970s, that's what. Are John and Yoko coming over soon?

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