15 Things That Moms Everywhere Can Relate To

You know there are a ton of similarities and inside jokes your mom shares with almost every other mom. These are the 15 things all moms can relate to.

How much of an insider are you?

How much of an insider are you?Unsplash / pixabay.com

Though the amount of inside jokes moms around the world share is probably limitless, these 15 are pretty on point. How many of these can you relate to?

Age doesn't matter.

Age doesn't matter.yoyanyc.com

Whether your kid is 5 or 50, you're always going to view them as your baby, and rightfully so. Most of them will still seek out your advice no matter how old they get.

Go big or go home.

Go big or go home.Getty Images

Maybe it's because you rarely shop for yourself without shopping for the whole family. When you head to the store, how often do you make the rounds and come home with a full cart rather than a tiny basket?

Everything is your business.

Everything is your business.Getty Images

This is especially true if your kid still lives under your roof and lets you have the honor of paying for groceries, the electricity bill, and, well, just about everything.

Do favorites exist?

Do favorites exist?

Sure, the majority of moms will never admit it, but it's hard to not have a favorite. You're only human, so it's natural that you should have a preference, even if you try not to.

Mix it up.

Mix it up.Getty Images

How many times have you been so frustrated you've called one kid the name of one of your other kids? Maybe it was a cousin's name? Maybe it was the name of someone you knew twenty years ago whose name is one syllable away from your child's?

You never really like the people your kids date.

You never really like the people your kids date.Getty Images

Of course you want them to be happy, but what if they pick the "wrong" person? What if they end up spending more time with their significant other than you, and get them better gifts to boot? It's not easy losing that attention, after all.

Your kids know which buttons to push.

Your kids know which buttons to push.Getty Images

This is especially true when it comes to taking your advice. If you got to try some crazy thing out when you were their age, they might wonder why they can't. Of course, that probably doesn't make it any easier for you to witness.

You correct everything.

You correct everything.Getty Images

To be fair, you've probably taught your kids at least half of what they know. So it's only right that you should continue the lessons until they've mastered them, whether it's speech, or how to do the laundry. Remind them to take copious notes.

No—just no.

No—just no.Silvia Izquierdo / Associated Press

When you respond with "Lol," just how often do you mean "laugh out loud?" In reality, you probably think you're saying, "Lots of love." Whether or not your kid fills you in, at least we warned you.

You don't give your kids the really good food.

You don't give your kids the really good food.

Just because you tell them to eat their vegetables before dessert doesn't mean you have to practice what you preach. Don't let your kids catch you snacking on candy while they're struggling to finish a pile of broccoli. You'll never hear the end of that one.

You hate waking up early.

You hate waking up early.Getty Images

Really, is there anyone who enjoys waking up before 10 a.m.? The answer is probably not, but don't let your kids know you hate it too, or they might really push for those extra five minutes.

You slave away for nothing.

You slave away for nothing.Getty Images

If you're taking the time to cook, your kids better eat it. They should appreciate a home-cooked meal sprinkled with the knowledge that your hard work, sweat, and tears are all for them.

You snoop.

You snoop.Michael Parmelee/NBC | 2016 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

You acknowledge that often times, you're considered a cop, especially if you've ever snooped around your kid's room when they weren't there to stop you.

You blame everything on technology.

You blame everything on technology.Getty Images

No, your kids are not sick because they forgot to wear warmer clothes when they were too distracted by social media. Technology does make for a great scapegoat though.

You protect and love them no matter what crazy things they do.

You protect and love them no matter what crazy things they do.Michael Parmelee/NBC | 2015 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

It doesn't matter if your kid is adopted, biologically yours, honorarily yours, or what have you. You love them no matter what and would do anything in the world to protect them.

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