15 Things Women Do But Will Never Ever Admit

Women are often held to stricter societal standards than men, generally finding it difficult to get away with half as much as their male counterparts. Don't believe everything you see or read though. There are plenty of offbeat things women do that might shock you...whether they would ever admit to it is a different story.

We have some secrets.

We have some secrets.Getty Images

Sure, there are plenty of blondes and redheads in the world. More often than not though, there's some sort of dye job involved. Don't worry, we're all the same underneath! (Emma Stone, for the record, is a natural blonde, even though she looks like a natural redhead.)

We eat more than you'd think.

We eat more than you'd think.Getty Images

Don't judge us, sometimes we just need some peanut butter, or cookie dough, or loaves of bread in the middle of the night. You'd do it too, you know you would.

We yell at the TV.

We yell at the TV.David Giesbrecht/Netflix

Okay, so men do this one too, usually when it comes to watching sports. We yell at our favorite shows though. Whether that's "House of Cards" or reality TV is irrelevant.

We'll go all out.

We'll go all out.Getty Images

If we see a great but admittedly risky makeup tutorial online, we might be completely willing to try it...in the privacy of our own bathroom. We have to do a dry run and make sure we don't look like a clown before we risk taking it public.

No clothing is too tight.

No clothing is too tight.Getty Images

That's not entirely true. When we don't fit into that bandeau dress we thought was so cute though, we tend to freak out just a little bit. After all, if it rips, we have to pay. (That doesn't happen to Beyonce though—she looks great in everything.)

We know how to "pretty cry."

We know how to "pretty cry."Getty Images

You read that correctly. When it comes to crying, we're guilty of prolonging the occasion to see if we qualify as "pretty criers." This doesn't always work, mind you. Every now and then though, our eyes are a little less puffy and our mascara runs in just the right spots to make us look dramatic rather than raccoon-like.

We've wasted a perfectly good manicure before.

We've wasted a perfectly good manicure before.Getty Images

We have no problem shelling out over $20 for a fresh manicure, only to pick it off after. Sometimes we wait for it to start chipping before we ruin it though.

We're basically professional detectives.

We're basically professional detectives.Getty Images

No, we have no interest in getting back together with our ex. That doesn't mean we can't spend all day perusing every social media account attached to said ex though.

We don't always follow through.

We don't always follow through.Getty Images

Okay, so sometimes the idea of a drastic haircut sounds way better than the terrifying reality of chopping it all off. We need to think before acting, right? This is why it's pretty common to ask for such a cut only to change it and request a simple trim instead. After all, who pulls off a pixie better than Emma Watson?

We don't mind (genuine) compliments.

We don't mind (genuine) compliments.Getty Images

If they're not coming from a sketchy person (and you can usually tell when they are) a catcall might be sort of complimentary. We'd rather not be spoken to like a piece of meat, but let's be honest, if the compliment is something genuine, we might a little flattered someone is announcing that we're attractive.

We like to look just right.

We like to look just right.Getty Images

Fine, we admit it, we do spend way too long trying out different angles so that our selfies look just right. It can really make or break the whole effect.

We dance on our own all the time.

We dance on our own all the time.Getty Images

If we're getting ready for a night on the town, or just want to get in some extra steps, we might resort to dancing when no one's around to witness it.

We hide everything under our beds.

We hide everything under our beds.

Company's coming over? You don't have to spend all day cleaning and organizing, just take everything you want to hide and push it under the bed or in the closet.

We plan early.

We plan early.Eugenio Marongiu / Getty Images

If we just had a successful first date, we might start letting our imaginations get the better of us. We think about how we'll bond with their family, where we'll make our home, the whole lot.

We're lazy when it comes to laundry.

We're lazy when it comes to laundry.Getty Images

Rather than take the time to read the fine print on the tags of our nicer clothing, we get a little careless and wash it with the rest of our stuff. If it's dry-clean only, well, it was nice knowing that beautiful lace top that's now incredibly fragile and even a little bit torn.

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