15 Posts That Show Why Cats Rule the Internet

The technology age has ushered in countless trends: #TBT photos, social media challenges (hello mannequins and ice buckets), and countless others. Most importantly though, the internet has given us all 24/7 access to cats and their ridiculous shenanigans. Take a look at some highlights.

Science Cats

Science Cats

In case you ever asked yourself what state of matter a feline was, well, there you have it. We're wondering where the cat in gas form is...then again, maybe that's the Cheshire Cat for you.

Maternal Instincts

Maternal Instinctsfeedmerightmeow/Tumblr

Nobody does guilt like a pet. Seriously, how could you say no to that face? Or, better yet, how could you get that face out of your bed without giving in?



The real Cookie Monster isn't blue and living on Sesame Street. Instead, he's lurking in your cookie containers, ready to pounce at a moment's notice. Beware.

Lurking in the Walls

Lurking in the Walls

Wondering what all those thumping noises are behind your walls? Turns out it's not ghosts haunting your house, only your cat. But is that really any consolation?

The Plasticats

The Plasticats

The resemblance between these cats and the Plastics is too uncanny for words. Obviously the one in front is Regina, the one on the computer, which is probably the same cat, is channeling Gretchen, and the one in the lamp...well, clearly Karen.

Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents

Remember when you thought you were old enough to handle yourself? Then your folks reminded you that no matter how old you get, they'll always give you these looks.

The Trauma of Work

The Trauma of Workthecatsmeow90/Tumblr; Via imgur.com

Sure, this cat looks like it's literally scared for its life, but we can probably all agree that college would be 100 times easier to endure with a pet. Misery loves company, after all.

This Is All You Need to Know About Cats

This Is All You Need to Know About Catsphantomrose96/Tumblr; Via imgur.com

Actually though, is there anything more adorable than a kitten's paws? No, the answer is no. This cat could be the most vicious mammal on the planet, but its paws would make that all okay.

Get Away, Lady

Get Away, Ladycatasters/Tumblr; Via imgur.com

What do pets think they're doing, not giving us love and affection whenever we demand it? Don't they know they're in our home and our lives for our entertainment? Then again, they usually get treats either way.

Reflective Cats

Reflective Catsmeowoofau/Tumblr

We can't tell if these cats are participating in some traditional couch therapy or just trying to mirror each other. Either way, it's completely precious.

A Meal Fit for a King

A Meal Fit for a Kingludicrouscupcake/Tumblr; Via imgur.com

What was the best day of your life? Well, the best day of this cat's life was clearly when it prepared to devour a stick of butter in a hot dog bun. With all the appropriate condiments, of course.

What Is This Magical Moving Box?

What Is This Magical Moving Box?elkhoof/Tumblr

This cat is more amazed by technology than any of us ever will be. Really, the only thing that could possibly shock or excite a human this much anymore is visiting Hogwarts (the real one, not the one at Universal Studios).

Look. Look. Look over here!

Look. Look. Look over here!toshio/Tumblr

There are some people who hate needy pets. We say, why have a pet if it's not going to beg for your attention at every opportunity? If nothing else, you'll get priceless pictures like this.

Pulling a...Catniss

Pulling a...Catnissworldofthecutestcuties/Tumblr

Sure, cats can climb things no human would dare to, but this cat clearly had aspirations that were way out of its league. The leash probably didn't help.

What're You Looking At?

What're You Looking At?

What is there to say about a catpuccino? Well, some people are such devoted cat lovers that they would probably think that top picture looks delicious, even after finding out it's a feline.

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