Long-Lost Puppy Brothers Reunited After Being Separated

These two adorable pups were separated after birth, but a family brought them back together!


PuppiesLittle Things

This is Murphy and Finnegan when they were puppies. Not long after they were born, these brothers were split up. It was assumed they'd never see each other again.


SeparatedLittle Things

Finnegan was adopted by the Ryan family of New Jersey. Murphy went to live with an adoptive family in Mississippi.


ReunitedLittle Things

Murphy ended up back at the same shelter that he and Finnegan had been adopted from. Who came in looking for a new dog? The Ryan family—the same family that had already adopted Finnegan!


HappyLittle Things

The long-lost brothers were now living in the same home. The Ryan family noticed they played like they had never been apart.


BrothersLittle Things

Aren't you glad these cute pups found each other again?

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