Epic Battles Between Dogs and Ordinary Things

Dogs are man's best friend. They are there for us even when we don't have a treat in our pocket. For all the love they give us, they can also be total morons. Here are 10 dumb dogs that are scared and ready to fight... with anything!

Dog vs. Banana

Dog vs. BananaTwitter user: @TheColorRafael

Panicked eyes. Shortened breath. Stay calm, it's just a banana.

Dog vs. Dust Pan

Dog vs. Dust PanTwitter user: @0grace_

This dog is out for blood. You're next, broom!

Dog vs. Watermelon

Dog vs. WatermelonTwitter user: @groovyxirwin

With one look, a lifelong rivalry was born.

Dog vs. Candle

Dog vs. Candleimgur

Focus on the treat, not the flame!

Dog vs. Juice

Dog vs. JuiceTwitter user: @jacmprine

Nope. Not having it.

Dog vs. Grapes

Dog vs. GrapesTwitter user: @LittleGeorgieG

There will be no peace here.

Dog vs. Toy

Dog vs. ToyMetro

Someone, hug this pooch.

Dog vs. Flower

Dog vs. FlowerDepressed Cake Shop

Don't. Move. A. Muscle.

Dog vs. Lemon

Dog vs. LemonModern Dog

What is it that dogs have against fruit exactly?

Dog vs. Bubbles

Dog vs. BubblesLove This Pic

This won't end well.

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