10 Life Lessons Children Can Teach Us All

Kids are always good for unconventional wisdom, but they can also act as a great example for how adults should live their lives. Following these life lessons can almost guarantee a happy, full life.

1. Keep hold of curiosity.

1. Keep hold of curiosity.Getty Images

Kids love asking, "why?" They're like mini explorers, always questioning and seeking answers to life's toughest questions.

2. Dance like no one's watching.

2. Dance like no one's watching.Getty Images

There's nothing wrong with fully enjoying yourself, even if it makes you look a bit foolish.

3. Laugh at yourself.

3. Laugh at yourself.Getty Images

Why take yourself seriously when it's more fun to laugh?

4. Add some color to your life.

4. Add some color to your life.Getty Images

Ditch black, white, and gray color schemes and brighten your surroundings with lots of color.

5. Never stop learning.

5. Never stop learning.Getty Images

There are always new ideas, technology, and languages to brush up on. Being done with school doesn't mean that you're done learning.

6. Be loving and open.

6. Be loving and open.Getty Images

Kids are naturally trusting—sometimes a bit too much—but that's one of their best qualities.

7. Speak up.

7. Speak up.Getty Images

When kids are unhappy, they'll definitely let you know. Take some of that gumption and make it work for you.

8. Reach for the stars.

8. Reach for the stars.Getty Images

Remember what you said when an adult asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? The sky was the limit back then, and it still is today!

9. Take life a day at a time.

9. Take life a day at a time.Getty Images

Kids live in the moment, meaning they enjoy each day as it comes. Why worry about the future when the present is so good?

10. Be true to yourself.

10. Be true to yourself.Getty Images

Never forget that weird is just another word for creative!

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